so we talk a little bit...

Andrea and Tom have been together for a real long time. They got married in September of 2017, and have always had such an easy time vibing with each other. Andrea has an odd fascination with all things murder and horror, while Tom vibes with science fiction and conspiracies, after hundreds of nights of back and forth banter they found podcasts and realized there were other folk out there that liked the sounds of their own voice as much as we did. Andrea would talk about the gruesome and gnarly shit she had heard, and Tom would talk about how the world was alive, and maybe we didn't go to the moon, and how Elon Musk thinks we may be in a holographic universe. the conversations lead to recording, thus was the birth of this podcast and we hope y'all love it, and if you don't love it.... just leave us a couple of stars on iTunes and tell all your podcast listening friends that you actually  loved it.