The Don Killimunati's Halloween

True to form we were late getting this episode out lol, it was intended to drop on halloween. So yeah, we drink and we procrastinate things.

Andrea tells some super bizarre stories of deaths/ murders that take place super near or on halloween, all of which are pretty gnarly!

This week we are begining our journey into the life and “death” of Tupac Amaru Shakur! was he shot and fatally wounded on an evening in sept 96? or was it all a grand hoax to liberate tupac from the lifestyle of fame and gang affiliation he’d found himself in? Was Suge Knight - Tupacs producer and record label owner, instrumental in his death, or in his salvation?!

there are a ton of clues that lend to this string of conspiracies and we are going to touch on a few, but will save some of the juicy ones for a future episode.

There are a thousand theories and we can’t wait to dive deeply into the life, death, and mind of Tupac.

*My only hope is that Makaveli has itunes in Cuba and listens to this episode*

shit gets weird.


this photo tells a lot of stories.

apparently taken the night AFTER tupac was shot