Robert Brandon and Bruce

EPISODE 15! Andrea talks about Robert the doll, and its freaky as fuck. (almost abbreviated that) This little misery of a doll has a pretty intense back story, and then later existence. Also if you ever find yourself in Key West and happen upon little Robert, ask for his damn permission first.

Tom talks on a little tale about Brandon Lee and his father Bruce Lee, as well as the curse that may have hung over the family.

also thanks for listening and thanks for hyping us up with the reviews and ratings. That honestly is the best, and we certainly dont fanatically check them on an hourly basis. That would be crazy.

Also, Tom whipped up a few old fashions for the episode this week as the two try their best to not drink Franzia Pinot Grigio.

below are some images of Robert the doll, Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee. Why is Robert such a freak.

Robert the Doll… is actually spooky af

Brandon Lee as The Crow. He honestly killed it in this movie. We’re gonna have to watch it.

Bruce Lee, first two images are from GAME OF DEATH, second photo he’s fighting a real life student and famed basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, third image is my man Bruce in enter the dragon, fun fact: Jackie Chan is in this episode and Bruce Lee claps him in the head with a stick)


I also whipped up a few cocktails for this episode, we’re from Kentucky so I snagged some bourbon off the ole shelf and whipped us up some Old fashions.

The recipe: 2 oz 100 proof bourbon, 1 ounce brown sugar simple syrup. 2 dashes angostora bitters, one dash orange bitters. stir, serve over ice, express with Orange and lemon peel. get lit.

ingredients. I am obviously a pro photographer.    See y'all next week.

ingredients. I am obviously a pro photographer.

See y'all next week.