Benny and the Last Meal

Holy crap, we’re sticking to our schedule !!! we have finally conquered our recording woes and have settled into a nice groove! We’ve moved away from our mac and are producing the podcast from audacity now. Let us know if you can tell a difference or like the new sound of the podcast!

This week on WDAWKT, Andrea hits us with a fun throw back that is way less gnarly than usual, she takes it back to episode one and covers last meals and last words of some really terrible folk on death row.

Tom covers the Occult murders of Detroit, which centers around a one Benny Evangelista, an italian occult enthusiast who’s family pays a heavy price for Benny’s beliefs. we then touch on the string of deaths that occured around the same time and how they may all be related.

detrout axe murder.jpg

Folks, hit us up, email us @ hit us with your thoughts, corrections, suggestions, experiences. We would love to rock a full listener episode full of their personal experiences with true crime, ufos, ghosts, weird shit. glitches in the matrix.

Anyway folks, thank y’all for kicking it with us and enjoy this weeks episode.