Victorian Era Space Vampire Children-Not The Black Eyed Peas

Man we get into it this time around,

I’m talking a little bit about the Dark web and telling a creepy pasta. Andrea talks about the Black Eyed Kids a wild, weird, spooky type of thing about kids that maybe like ketchup on their apples. listen to it.

Heres a link to the creepy pasta from this past episode.

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also I fucking think that the alien angle in Andreas story this time around is compelling and I personally, believe the crap out of it.

Enjoy this episode and holler at us.

-Tom & Andrea

Murdered for Fame and Gravity isn't Real

this time around we talk about the beliefs of the flat earth movement as well as the super dark story of Luca Magnotta, a socialite hell bent on fame. Luca commits a savage crime in the name of stardom and it really is the stuff of nightmares. So hold on to your butts this one is a tough one.

the world from space……

Luca Magnotta


Its damn Halloween and we are hyped up, we are dropping a mini episode in which we tell a story that is deeply odd, having first appeared on a body building forum in the early 2000’s and then later evolved into a creepy pasta. There is no known author, and literally its fucked. Here is a little glimpse of supposed footage of the actual experiment.

What do you think? did it happen?

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no sleep til………

no sleep til………